5th Wheel 4pt Automatic Leveling System
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We have revised our four point four pump fully automatic leveling system for fifth wheels! The new 2nd Generation Version 2 system includes only one main sensor instead of the previous needing a front and rear. This simplifies the installation and operation for smoother leveling performance! As before our heavy duty QEII-30 jacks for the front and two QEI-16" jacks for the rear. This system will fit almost all 5th wheels built today. This system comes complete with all pumps, hoses, wiring harness, and comes with our fully automatic controls with wireless key fob. Our configuration allows you to operate the front jacks up or down with the wireless key fob to unhook from the truck. Then the auto level feature levels your coach automatically. Then when you are ready to leave simply press one button on the key fob to activate the "Quick Connect" feature that memorizes the exact position the trailer was when you un-hooked, once pressed the rear jacks will retract and the front landing gear will lift back to your original hitch height automatically. There is also a manual mode for those who want complete control. Installation can be scheduled at our facility in White Pigeon, MI.

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5th Wheel 4pt Automatic Leveling System

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