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10" Foot Pad (Round Legs) 12 volt Solenoid 120 amp Breaker
10" Foot Pad (Round Legs)12 volt Solenoid120 amp Breaker

This is the standard 10" footpad that comes with all round leg systems. With each foot pad will come a bolt and a nut to fit the current style cylinders and retro-fit the previous style cylinders. So this is truly a universal 100 square inch footpad!

 This 12 volt solenoid is what we use on all of our systems. If you have the older style (pre-2001) you need to buy a pair of these for each motor to work properly.

This is the standard 120 amp breaker we include in the 4point, 4pump systems. This is required to be installed between the battery harness from the jacks/pumps and the positive terminal on the house battery. This breaker automatically resets 45 seconds after the breaker is tripped.




1pt Weatherproof Control Box 2pt Weatherproof Control Box 3x7 Mounting Bracket
1pt Weatherproof Control Box2pt Weatherproof Control Box3x7 Mounting Bracket
This is the standard conrol box for the 1pt and Slave systems.... This weatherproof box includes a momentary toggle switch, long wire harness and a lock & key safety mechanism (with two keys). Installation is a simple 3-wire connection to the tank assembly.This is the standard conrol box for the 2pt systems.... This weatherproof box includes a momentary toggle switch, long wire harness and a lock & key safety mechanism (with two keys). Installation is simple, connecting a few wires to each tank assembly.Weld-on Bracket for mounting round leg jacks to your coach. This bracket is usually found on the front of Ford Class C/B motorhomes & the rear of 5th Wheels. But this bracket accomodates for many applications. For use with all 8k, QEI & QEII cylinders. Click Here For Measurements




5th Wheel Control Panel 5th Wheel Control Upgrade Kit Auto Panel
5th Wheel Control Panel5th Wheel Control Upgrade KitAuto Panel

This is a replacement control panel for the 2nd generation 5th wheel system (both version 1 and 2). Blue tinted LCD screen makes it easier to read in the sun than previous versions.

This is our new fully automatic control for 5th wheels. This system can be retro fitted to any of our older 5th wheel systems. This system has an easy to read digital screen that tells you what is going on while leveling. It comes with one main...Replacement control panel for automatic systems. Unless your old panel has a rocker on/off switch instead of a system power button, you will need the entire upgrade kit #M37500. Features Manual Mode, All Up & Emergency Retract.




Automatic Control Assembly Deep Long Bracket EZ Tank Cover
Automatic Control AssemblyDeep Long BracketEZ Tank Cover
Panel & Sensor Combo for automatic systems. Includes everything you need to convert from the old style automatic system to the current version. This kit includes the Automatic/Manual Control Panel, Auto Sensor, Interface Harness, Bezel &...This deep long bracket is one of our strongest brackets due to the increased lateral strength from its depth, long design allows for the cylinder to be mounted lower or give it increased backing strength for the large applications. This bracket...Tank cover for EZ (standard size) tank assembly. Measurements: 13" wide x 8/14" tall x 5 3/8" deep. Installs with one self-tapping screw in center into reservoir & one or two on each side from tab (screws not included).