Bigfoot Hydraulic Landing Gear & Leveling System Footpads.  Upgrade your current footpads to a larger size or find replacements here.
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10" Footpad (Round Legs) 6" Flat Footpad & Bolt 7" Footpad
10" Footpad (Round Legs)6" Flat Footpad & Bolt7" Footpad

10" Footpad (Round Legs) The standard footpad for our Quad Pump systems. With each footpad will come a bolt and a nut to fit the current style cylinders and retro-fit the previous style cylinders. So this is truly a universal 100 square inch footpad!

Replacement 6" Round Flat Footpad and 1/2" Flat head bolt.

This will not work with cylinders that have a 3/4" stud and nut to attach the footpad.

7" Footpad (Round Legs) The standard footpad for our Central Pump systems. With each footpad will come with a new nut to install. Measure your other cylinders prior to ordering, this is 7" wide, sort of octagonal shape, with a "dome" in the...




14" Heavy Duty Footpad Square Leg Footpad
14" Heavy Duty FootpadSquare Leg Footpad

This massive 3/8" thick, 14" diameter steel plate is welded to our already 1/4" thick footpad, creating one "BIG" footprint. We recommend this product in heavy duty situations or someone that uses their jacks in extreme mud & sand situations.

Square Leg Footpad Square Leg Pivoting Footpad, will work for all square legs that do not have a fixed foot (welded plate to the inside tube). Assembly comes with the 1" pin & retaining rings.