Bigfoot Hydraulic Landing Gear & Leveling System Footpads.  Upgrade your current footpads to a larger size or find replacements here.
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10" Footpad (Round Legs) 14" Heavy Duty Footpad Square Leg Footpad
10" Footpad (Round Legs)14" Heavy Duty FootpadSquare Leg Footpad
10" Footpad (Round Legs) The standard footpad for our Quad Pump systems. With each footpad will come a bolt and a nut to fit the current style cylinders and retro-fit the previous style cylinders. So this is truly a universal 100 square inch footpad!This massive 3/8" thick, 14" diameter steel plate is welded to our already 1/4" thick footpad, creating one "BIG" footprint. We recommend this product in heavy duty situations or someone that uses their jacks in extreme mud & sand situations.Square Leg Footpad Square Leg Pivoting Footpad, will work for all square legs that do not have a fixed foot (welded plate to the inside tube). Assembly comes with the 1" pin & retaining rings.